A Woman’s Worth!

P.S. I am not saying all working women do this. I am saying this to the ones who do shame homemakers.

How is a person measured? By their wealth? Their contribution to society? What is the merit we use to measure someone? Maybe what someone is worth isn’t up to us at all. Some modern feminists devalue homemakers because a housewife/homemaker makes no money, and she is reliant on someone else to provide for her.

The Happy Housewife is not a Myth!


Here is the problem with measuring anyone by your standards. Standards are not universal. It is sexist to judge a woman based on the money she makes. If we measure people based on money, that means a movie star is more valuable than a doctor. Homemakers take care of their families, children, spouses, and other family members. Homemakers take care of sick loved ones. That is how homemakers measure their worth to society.

Rock Your Style Queen!

Help Your Other Queens!

If you are happy doing the money-making, that is terrific. However, when you try to knock other women down for being a homemaker, you devalue yourself. Women are at each other’s throats, and we need to fix that crown for our sister. Not break it. We are a queen, and we need to help her realize her worth. From homemakers to CEOs, women need to look at the queen beside you and tell her how great she is. Some men are homemakers, and they don’t feel like they have worth to society. This advice goes to you guys as well. Fix your fellow king’s crown, don’t tear it down.

Some Women Are Like Me, Being A Homemaker is Paradise!

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6 thoughts on “A Woman’s Worth!

  1. Perfectly written and a true statement. Every job a woman do is important, when she does it with dignity, kindness to other people and respect. I had a friend once who said that they people from the garbage disposal are as important as a president. What I hate is that a few homemakers ( and men) say that all women should not work and be homemakers.
    I like to have a job, but I don’t look down on homemakers. I envy them sometimes for all their skills and knowledge.


  2. If a homemaker were paid for everything she or he (I know some male homemakers and they are fantastic at their jobs) would earn somewhere in the range of $168,000 to $200,000 a year based on all of the jobs a homemaker does. A maid service alone costs between $20 and $30 an hour. Our payment comes in the joy of knowing that our family is taken care of and we are making sure all of their needs are met. I had this conversation very early on in my marriage because my husband had the same point of view after his first wife did absolutely nothing all day. I billed him for my services for an entire week. 😂 He apologized profusely as he had no idea what I did all day. Now, he immediately defends me whenever anyone, male or female says anything negative about me being a homemaker. He explains that everything we have is because I run our home on a strict budget so we reach our goals. I would love to work, but now, I am physically unable to do so. Instead, I run our home and take care of our homestead and all of the animals. Michelle you are an amazing woman. You continuously say the things that need to be said, but no one wants to say them. Thank you for that. 💜

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